attaching a sales tag to a piece of fabric

April 10, 2007 at 12:00 am Leave a comment

1. Buy a paper tagger like this one from your local craft store. The starter kit should have everything you need to get started.
Paper Tagger
2. Have your eyelet tools ready. You will need the following: eyelet, hole punch, eyelet setter & hammer.
tools to set gromet
3. Place an layer of protection (I use a hard tile) between the paper and a hard pounding surface such as a countertop or your floor.
4. Hold hole punch tool on top of the spot where you want to place your eyelet. Tap the top of the hole punch firmly with hammer
punching hole in paper
5. Insert the narrow end of the eyelet into the hole “right” side up.
gromet set in paper
6. Turn the paper over (“right” side down) so that you can see the back of the eyelet.
7. Center the eyelet setter with the middle of the “flower” inserted into the end of the eyelet.
Flattening gromet
8. Tap the eyelet setter with the hammer. It will take one or two firm taps to secure the eyelet to the paper. The back of the eyelet will split and resemble “flower petals” when set.
Secured gromet backside
9. When the eyelet is set, this is what the finished product should look like on the “right side.”
Secured gromet frontside
10. Load Tagger tails in top of gun. Carefully remove needle cover and poke through tag and eyelet.
Paper Tagger, loaded
11. Push needle through paper/fabric and squeeze trigger.
Paper tagger, Sticking fabric

Finished product
Tag attached to quilt


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