product review: cricut machine

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  • It’s awesome.
  • Professional looking results.
  • Super fast, it cut in the matter of seconds.
  • They have cartridges for every thing and every occasion.


  • It’s buggy. Like any new technology it’s got it’s problems. When I first got mine, the cutter didn’t move along the track. My brother-in-law had to take a screwdriver to it to beat it into shape. Now it works fine.
  • Expensive. Everything about the machine is expensive including the cartridges.
  • It’s difficult to calculate the right amount of blade pressure. Too much you rip the paper, not enough you don’t cut all the way thru. I’ve wasted a lot of paper this way.
  • Delicate papers are a pain to extract from the “fly paper” strip used to support the paper being cut. It’s easy to rip and tear intricate designs on dainty paper.
  • Keep the directions book handy. The dials on the machine are not labeled so I have to refer to the directions book every time I cut something new.
  • My model only uses 8×11 paper so I have to first crop 1½ inches off before feeding the paper into the machine.

Tips and Tricks:
Keep an exacto knife handy when removing the paper from the sticky cutting mat. You can buy their kit but an exacto knife works just as good.

Overall Rating:

Baby shower decorations

A few things I’ve made with my cricut which I lovingly named “Jiminy.”


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