happy scarecrow

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My friendly scarecrow witch Bertha. I don’t know why I called her that, maybe because Bertha sounds like a “Don’t mess with me” kinda gal.

You’ll Need:

  • Craft Pumpkin (and goodies to Cah-ve it.)
  • Old dress (found mine at a thrift store)
  • Witch hat
  • Broom
  • Staple Gun, hammer, tacking nails
  • Two 2×2 (one as tall as you want your scarecrow to be, the other as long as you want the arms to be)
  • Craft raffia (won’t go eww when wet)
  • Electric candle or glow stick

Here’s How:

  1. Make a cross out of the 2 2x2s. Secure with tacking nails. At the base (where the feet would be) sharping it to a point so you can stake the scarecrow into the ground.
  2. Dress the scarecrow
  3. At the wrists and neck wrap craft raffia to fake the look of real hay (for real country folk, you can use real hay, it’s just hard to come by in Boston proper)
  4. Carve a face into your craft pumpkin with the large hole on the bottom.
  5. Staple the craft pumpkin on the top of the head to the 2×2.
  6. Staple the witch hat to the craft pumpkin (several places to prevent it from blowing off in the wind)
  7. Tie or staple the broom to the scarecrow

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